There's nothing wrong with tooting your own horn from time to time, just so long as you happen to be deserving of praise. Such is the case with the Progressive Automotive X Prize, which says that it's managed to score more than a billion impressions (combined between web, print, radio and television) from the media for the 2008 calendar year. Expect plenty more coverage over the next year-and-a-half, with a good deal of it coming from Consumer Reports. We'll forgive them (this time) for neglecting to mention ABG's ongoing coverage of the event, which you can follow at this link.

Even better, the X Prize's own official blog says that 88 percent of all stories that mentioned the event were highly favorable. That's good news for the 25 registered teams along with the numerous others that have signed Letters of Intent to compete. There's only about a week left for teams to register to compete, and the event's organizers believe that there will be a total of about 50 teams that make it to the actual competition.

[Source: Auto X Prize]

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