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Here's an email that came into the AutoblogGreen mailbox from reader CW the other day:

"Ive seen a lot of your articles on here about different electric cars, but none of them match the Current that is available now in Colorado. It has 186 HP goes highway speeds and right now can go 70 miles on a charge and soon they are getting new batteries that will allow it to go 200 miles at highway speeds. Please go to and look at the Current and maybe write a post about it. It is a great car, 4 place hatchback and best of all it is available right now!"

Sounds good, right? I checked out that website and poke around the web a bit. I discover a post on the Current (which is not the Kurrent EV) on Sustain Lane and a one-line tidbit at the Denver FOX affiliate says that, "The Current is a 100% electric car that is rated for use on America's highways. S.T. Tripathi of Parker, Colorado is bringing it to market." The Sustain Lane story says that Tripathi hopes to employ 200 people and make 50,000 of these all-electric vehicles. The Colorado Auto Connection site says that the Current has a range between 65 and 200 miles and can reach speeds of 70 mph from a 240-volt lithium polymer or Nilar battery pack. Ambitious, this project is.

One slight problem, though. When I clicked on the Colorado Auto Connection link to find out the price of the Current and see how many were available, as CW said. The result:

"Sorry, No listings were found that matched your search query. Please try your search again."

[Source: Electric City Motors, Sustain Lane, Colorado Auto Connection]

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