If you couldn't get enough of the gorgeous B0 (B Zero) electric car concept that the Italian design house of Pininfarina unveiled at the Paris Motor Show early last October than you might construe this as good news, it's coming to the 2009 Geneva Motor Show as well. Unfortunately, that means they won't be bringing a working prototype of the concept as had been expected. According to a report by Reuters, the Pininfarina family is selling off a majority stake in the company in an attempt to deal with its debt which, thanks to an 80 percent drop in its stock price over the past year, is many times its market capitalization.The effects of the global economic slowdown on its customers has not helped the situation and so production has been slowed at its three factories in an attempt to reduce costs.

Not only are we a little disappointed about this development but we aren't sure that leaving the prototype at home was the wisest of decisions. Since the B0 is seen as an important part of the company's future viability and the search for a buyer is about to begin in earnest, wouldn't it be prudent to trot out a marketable prototype for the world's automotive press to fawn over? We say, "Swing per la recinzione!" (Swing for the fence!) What say you?

[Source: Reuters]

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