It's been a few months since Darryl Siry walked away from the top sales and marketing job at Tesla Motors. In the interim he's been working on some new projects which have just been revealed. Late last week, he announced that he is joining Peppercom a national PR and business intelligence firm as a senior analyst on clean technology. He'll be part of a team of experienced industry executives at the company's GreenPepper unit advising clients on how to better communicate what they are doing in the green arena. Siry's focus will be on green transportation and alternative fuels. Peppercom's client list includes Solazyme, Tyco Flow Control and Honeywell.
His experience at Tesla has taught Siry the importance of credibility in the car business. Watching the struggles of other EV makers as well has his own ex-employer surely provided Siry with some insights that will prove valuable to other companies.

In addition to his role as an analyst for Peppercom, the national firm is investing in Siry's own start-up company. Siry is launching a software service company aimed at media and communications professionals to help them share information. So far he isn't sharing a lot of details on the new venture, but it could be interesting, at least to those of us writing about the industry.

[Source: Darryl Siry, Marketwatch]

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