There may soon be one less state that uses California's carbon dioxide emissions standards for motor vehicles: Arizona. Before leaving office, former governor Janet Napolitano (D) issued an executive order requiring the state's Department of Environmental Quality to adopt the rules that would effectively push fuel economy standards to 44 mpg by 2016. Napolitano has since moved on to become Secretary of Homeland Security in the Obama administration and Republican Jan Brewer is now occupying the governors mansion.

Brewer is reconsidering the California rules and it seems likely that either she or the state legislature will rescind the earlier move. Sen. Sylvia Allen, (R) doesn't think most of her colleagues support the move to adopt the California standard and they want to abandon it before the EPA reverses its original decision to reject California's waiver application on the rules. This is a move unlikely to be followed by other states that have adopted the California rules.

[Source: Arizona Daily Star]

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