In the next 20 years, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts will need to fund a $15 to $19 million gap to maintain its transit system. Since there's no such a thing as a free lunch, Governor Deval Patrick (D) is currently suggesting an increase in the fuel tax of $0.19 per gallon to raise the money. This would means that the total tax paid on gasoline in the state will be $0.609 per gallon, while the tax on diesel would be $0.669 per gallon. End result: a rollback on a proposed Massachusetts Turnpike toll increase, no fare increase on the Boston public transit system (among other benefits) and making Massachusetts the state with one with the highest gasoline taxes in the U.S. and the fourth highest tax on diesel (right behind Hawaii, New York and Connecticut). Gov. Patrick has also proposed to move registration fees upward for large, gas-guzzling vehicles with the so-called "Hummer Tax."
[Source: Green Car Congress]

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