If the relentless automaker bailout saga is bringing you down, iMotor has come up with something that might let you have a little fun with it. it's the Chrysler bailout game! No, it doesn't involve taking piles of money and throwing them into an incinerator. Instead, the object of this test of skill is to drive your Chrysler down an eight lane highway, avoiding traffic and picking up bailout funds on the way. The better you are at avoiding accidents and piling up the cash, the longer Chrysler staves off collapse. Talk about pressure. Click the image above to fire up a PT Cruiser, the General Lee, a Viper, a Sebring Convertible, or other ChryCo. vehicles, then start dodging the competition. We were able to keep the the (remaining) lights on at Auburn Hills for 152 weeks. Maybe you can do better. Or worse. Thanks for the tip, Craig!

[Source: iMotor]

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