Click above for a gallery of the Audi TT RS

Forget the teasers. Here's the rest of the car. When it premieres in Geneva next month, the Audi TT RS will arrive in both coupe and convertible bodystyles. Both are powered by a 340-horsepower, 331 lb-ft, 2.5-liter turbo five cylinder. The driver rows a six-speed stick, and quattro channels power to all the wheels. 0-62 mph takes under 5 seconds. As the teaser shots hinted, look for more aggressive front and rear fascias, LED driving lamps, and a fixed rear spoiler. As with other RS cars, the brakes and suspension are also beefed up. Inside? Typical good stuff from Audi -- you know the drill. If you missed the engine sound clip yesterday, hit the play button below. You won't be disappointed. Sadly, there are no plans to offer the hottest TT to enthusiasts on this side of the Atlantic. Bummer. We'll drool over the car in person when the festivities get underway in Geneva next month.

[Source: CarScoop]

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