Click above for two hi-res shots of the base Camaro

For all the stuff we're able to get our hands on, sometimes you just can't beat reader-submitted content. Today's contribution comes from faithful Autoblog aficionado, Jay P., who happened to check out the Dallas Auto Show this week. What he found over in the GM display area is interesting: a bona-fide base Camaro LS. We knew that 18-inch wheels were standard equipment, but until now, we hadn't seen what they looked like. And dig this: they're steelies! Black with silver Bowtie caps and beauty rings, they happen to look pretty friggin' good, too. If GM's smart, it'll offer these as separate accessory items. Camaro drivers in cold-weather states might have just found the perfect wheel for their performance winter rubber. The Dallas Auto Show runs through tomorrow, so if any of you guys happen to attend, feel free to send some more shots of this base car our way. Just ping us via the tips link at the top of the page. Thanks for the shots, Jay P!

Thanks also to Brad Capp for sending in the silver car shown at Portland last month.
UPDATE 2: Thanks to Adam Barrera, who forwarded us his interview with GM's Scott Settlemire for The steelies are one of the topics covered. It's embedded after the jump.
UPDATE 3: More pics added courtesy of readers Martin and Bojan. Thanks, guys.

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