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While perhaps not as spectacular as San Francisco getting a fancy Smartlet charging station in front of City Hall, the addition of two charging posts at Truckee Meadows Community College in Northern Nevada are a welcome addition to the nations slowly-growing charging infrastructure. The posts, which use a traditional parking meter interface and ask for only 10 cents an hour, are getting put to good use, as we learned from a bit of video by the local NBC affiliate, KRNV. As interesting as the posts were, the station found one of the vehicles regularly using them was just as interesting: a 1991 GMC Van.

Around the time GM was refining the Impact prototype that would go on to become the EV1, some GMC vans were built with an electric drivetrain for the Department of Defense, according to the vehicle's owner (Southern California Edison got some too). Able to go 70 miles on a charge, the vehicle requires little maintenance and its driver seems very happy with his old EV ride. If you are thinking that you'd like a van like this yourself, you may be in luck. A nice looking 1989 copy is listed on the EV Album by someone who says, "I'm considering selling this, contact me with offer." If that doesn't pan out and you're good with a wrench, there's another in need of extreme TLC on eBay for the next few days. Video after the jump.

[Source: YouTube / eBay / EV Album]

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