If you follow the political bickering in Formula One, you may have seen a heated exchange of correspondence between the F1 drivers and the regulatory body responsible for accrediting them to race. After the FIA exponentially raised the fees for a Superlicense – the certification that the FIA grants and requires of F1 drivers – the Grand Prix Drivers Association wrote an angry letter to the ever autoerotic Max Mosley, in which they compared the fee for renewing defending champion Lewis Hamilton's Superlicense – a whopping $270,000 – to the comparatively modest $4,000 that NASCAR charges its drivers. Mosley's response? So go to NASCAR, then!

Well, not exactly. Mosley responded to the drivers' objections by saying that if they can't afford the fees, they should look for more a affordable racing series. In a clever publicity stunt, a "fictitious letter" has appeared on the IRL website answering Mosley's call by inviting the disgruntled F1 drivers to move over to the newly reunited IndyCar Series where participation costs $1,000 and includes benefits. If the idea sounds ridiculous, remember that it wasn't so long ago that prominent F1 drivers like Nigel Mansell and Mario Andretti came westward to find new challenges in American open-wheel racing. It could happen again.

[Source: IndyCar.com via F1-Live]

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