Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (MEC) wants to be able to offer a 1 DIN Blu-ray DVD player in the 2009 fiscal year. The unit, 1/3 the size of an at-home Blue-ray player, will not only fit in a standard dash slot but will also play BD-ROM, BD-R, and BD-RE discs.
MEC says the kit is expected to go along with in-car navigation systems, but since it runs on Linux it remains to be seen how – and who – will be integrating it with the Windows CE that generally runs navigation software. If and when they do get it to work, they want to bundle it with a TV tuner that can display digital terrestrial broadcasts at up to 120 mph. Because when you've finished watching Transformers 2 at illegal speeds, you'll need something to do... other than drive...

[Source: Tech On via Engadget]

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