I guess that at this point we've pretty much lost track of how many "green labels" automakers have slapped on their cleanest European vehicles (see Econetic, eco2, et al.). These labels are created to highlight the least-polluting member of a car line, usually based on the most basic engine configuration. When it comes to Japanese automakers, green badging was lagging behind the Europeans, but Mitsubishi is trying to catch up with a new name: Cleartec.

The first Cleartec model is the gasoline-fueled Colt. It's got Stop & Start technology, as well as low-rolling resistance tires (somewhat over inflated) and low-viscosity engine oil. When applied to existing engines like the 1.1 liter 75hp engine, Cleartec reduces CO2 emissions to 115 g/km and consumes fuel at a rate of 4.3 l/100km (55 mpg U.S.). The 1.3-liter 95hp unit gets emissions of 119 g/km and also burns 4.3 l/100km. When flex-fuel capabilities are used, the latter engine increases its fuel consumption to 5 l/100 (47 mpg U.S.) and emissions go up to 143 g/km. Mitsubishi is not applying Cleartec to diesel engines.

[Source: Le Blog Auto]

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