Click above to view the RENNtech G-Wagen concept in our hi-res gallery

Thirty years is a long time. Long enough for a lot of people to come up with some wildly different ideas. Mercedes couldn't make up its mind on how to celebrate the big three-o of its workhorse sport-ute, so they came out with two special editions, one aimed at luxury buyers and another for hard-core rock-crawling, desert-traversing off-road enthusiasts. RENNtech has another idea altogether.

The truck you see here is just a conceptual sketch at the moment, but even bound to paper it looks mean enough to send HUMMERs and Rambo Lambos running for cover with their tailpipes between their legs. The same Florida-based Mercedes tuner that brought us the Pikes Peak GLK hybrid concept is responsible for the design, but beyond the so-ugly-it's-almost-beautiful bodywork, the RENNtech concept calls not for the G55 AMG version it's toyed with previously, but for a turbodiesel with some 400 lb-ft of torque... in standard production form. By the time RENNtech is done working it over, we'd expect some gravity-altering twist, but for now it'll just have to remain a menacing figment of our nightmares.

[Source: RENNtech via Jalopnik]

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