Believe it or not, European cities are a little behind in incorporating hybrid powertrains to their fleets. Not long ago we mentioned a Spanish-made bus by Castrosua. This bus began tests on the streets of Barcelona this week. The Tempus, as it's called, mates an electric powertrain to Iveco's smallest diesel engine. It measures 9.5 meters long and 2.55 meters wide, perfect for old city centers. According to TMB, Barcelona's public transport operator, the bus is saving at least 20 percent of the diesel fuel it would use if it were a regular mid-size bus. The bus will be tested on three different routes: One that avoids high slopes, a neighborhood route with more frequent stops and a "standard" one. Barcelona also did some hydrogen-powered bus tests back in 2003, with a generator that used solar energy.
[Source: TMB]

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