Now that another Valentine's Day has passed, we can offer a little advice to those of you who might have avoided Cupid's arrows another year. If you're struggling to find that special someone, maybe you should stop searching on eHarmony and start looking in your garage. A new survey by British insurance specialist Diamond puts some numbers to what we've known all along, namely that people are more attracted to others who drive nice cars. The company polled 3,000 people and 36% admitted that they judge someone's attractiveness based on the car he or she drives. Even more to the point, one in ten admitted they would date someone with a nice car, even if they found the driver unattractive, and 20% said that the more expensive the car, the better looking the driver.

It should come as no surprise that men are more superficial than women from these results, with men twice as likely to date an "ugly" woman because of her car, and 50% admitting the car's price makes the driver more attractive. The makes of cars that bring the most positive reaction are, unsurprisingly, Aston Martin, Ferrari, and Lamborghini, although men chose a Ferrari-driving lady as tops. Unless you're extremely attractive, the report says its best to avoid being seen in a SEAT, Chevrolet, or Skoda, which were the lowest rated brands in the survey. And God forbid your ride is brown, as that hue was voted the least attractive colo(u)r. If you're stuck with a brown SEAT, at least consider painting it black, the sexiest color on the list. Maybe by next Valentine's Day, you'll be lucky enough to be James Bond in a black DBS, or Christie Brinkley in a red 308.


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