And tonight, we arrive at "Knight and the City", the penultimate episode of Knight Rider, Season 1 (and only). Tonight, KITT turbo boosts and barfly Mike helps out the Random Babe of the Week. At least that's what the teaser at the end of last week's Knight Rider/Access Hollywood crossover episode indicated.

The official synopsis, via KR Online:

"Knight and the City"

NOTHING LIKE A LITTLE ZEN IN YOUR LIFE TO HELP YOU RELAX--Mike (Justin Bruening) decides to visit one of his old haunts, Sonny's bar, during his decompression time. When Mike arrives, he notices that the crowd has changed for the worse. After learning of Sonny's death in a car accident, Mike is pleased to hear that his daughter Julie (Alona Tal) is now running the bar. He offers to lend a hand in order to bring the bar back to its original glory. Meanwhile, Mike gets suspicious when he hears of the recent fires at the bar and discovers that someone has secretly being trying to get Julie to sell the place.

So, KITT vs arsonists. Maybe he'll turn into one of those cool Pierce fire trucks. Or not. See you after the jump at 8.

Knight Rider Liveblog
Season 1, Episode 16
"Knight and the City"
February 18, 2009
8:00 PM Eastern

We're talking ergonomics at The Real World: Fortress of Suck house. Now KITT mentions Feng Shui. Mike wants to go drinking. Waxes nostalgic over Beer Nuts. Billy is not cool enough to go. No Sonny's for you, Mr. Cornucopia of Stress. Nanny Sarah explains that everyone has to take turns relaxing. Billy sad. KITT leaves. And here comes the best part of the show, the theme music.


8:07: KITT pulls up in front an exquisitely clean-looking "seedy" bar. Crowd Surfing. Dudes bopping their heads. Saucy barmaid. Ruh-roh, Sonny's pushing up daisys. Cute Blonde Owner happy to see Mike. KITT sees that some dude is trying to steal a $20 from the bar. Because he can.

8:09: Here comes the obligatory "let's try to steal KITT" moment. They have records. KITT prepares to tase. Mike goes into bouncer mode. Meanwhile, the dudes outside take a crowbar to KITT. The dudes at the door are strapped, says KITT. Cur fight. Dork tough guy gets disarmed after Mike uses the elite Three Stooges style on him.

8:12: Sarah gets filled in on the Sonny's controversy. We need a zillion-dollar car to handle this important matter. FoS: Zoe explains to Billy that she's his boss. Red Lobster plug. A federal deficit's worth of computer equipment is put to task to solve the Sonny's issues.

8:14: Mike now has the attention of Cute Blonde Owner and Saucy Barmaid. If Mike has any game, he'll recreate his introductory scene from the crappy pilot movie. And.... Mike has no game. FoS, Billy and Zoe not finding any info on the mysterious Sonny's fires. KITT and Mike banter, they come across -- you guessed it -- a fire. Sonny's previous, non-violent bouncer is TRAPPED. The horror.


8:20: KITT to the rescue. CO2 tanks go boom. KITT, of course, has an answer for this. And we have another random individual who is now privy to the secrets of KITT. Sarah's jealous of Cute Blonde Owner. In the Fortress of Suck, the world's greatest detectives, Billy and Zoe, have no answers.

8:22: Cute Blondie calls a team meeting. Home Improvement Kid arrives with Daddy. He's the bad guy. He has a black suit. Mike gives him Home Improvement's piece, while Zoe roller skates at the FoS "Holography Room." We'll see this again later, in some ludicrous twist.

8:25: KITT plays arson investigator. Mike and Blondie reminisce about the good old days. The audience reaches for their remotes. Here comes the kiss. KITTus Interruptus. Billy and Zoe are now studying security tape. The troublemakers all pay with c-notes. There's the wanna be car thieves again. God. More arson investigation with green foglamp lasers. Mike continues on foot. Conveniently, the trail leads directly to Evil Real Estate Developer's office.


8:34: Mike shares his findings with Blondie. She's like, "Duh, dude. He tried to buy the bar. meanwhile, at the FoS, we get the payoff from the Holography Room excursion, as Zoe recreates Sonny's death crash. Mike and the Peaceful Bouncer talk, he cops to setting the fire that almost killed him. trying to be a hero. A stupid, dead hero. Now we're looking for Sonny's Dodge Coronet death car.

8:37: FoS. Billy is wearing extremely goofy sunglasses. Zoe wins his heart by giving him unreleased video games. No dice on the Coronet. But KITT has an idea. We go to an art gallery. Presto, crashed car exhibit. Artist calls it "Beautiful Agony." Like the show. Now the artist is singing. Commence Knight Rider: CSI. Mike finds severed brake lines. MURDER. Still singing with the artist. Bullets fly as Mike tries to leave. The drama.


8:45: KITT arrives. Here comesthe magic gatling gun. This one's center-mounted, unlike last week's. They escape, Expeditions give chase. KITT out of ammo. Here comes Turbo Boost. Sideways. Onto an overpass.

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8:47: Mike's back at Sonny's. So are the car thieves from before. They learn KITT is fireproof. KITT shares video with Billy and Zoe at the FoS. Now KITT says that the big explosion was caused by methane in the air. Now the geniuses at home base realize that Sonny's sits on top of the Saudia Arabia of methane or something. Sonny's is worth some bank. Evil Developer will kill for it. So says a confidential survey with 'DRISCOLL DEVELOPMENT" emblazoned on it in massive red letters.

8:50: Mike shares the news with Blondie. But there's a twist: Evil Developer Phil Driscoll is dead. Bad ticker. This makes Home Improvement this week's Darth Vader.


8:54: Blondie: "Phil was my father's friend." See, Home Improvement's the bad guy. Now the FoS is checking every traffic cam for clues from the night of Sonny's death. Mike wants to snag Home Improvement. Blondie calls him, he shows at the bar. Mike, tool, asks y. Cue bar fight. him a methane and soda. Seriously. Cue bar fight. Mike wins. Duh. And Billy finds the world's most incriminating security cam video in the history of electronic surveillance. Case closed.

8:57: Mike and Blondie relax very comfortably on the couch in her pad. She wants to know all about KITT. Cue the lame closing music. Smiles all around. Who doesn't love a happy ending? well, me. But that's beside the point.

Next Week: No Knight Rider. Apparently the finale's been pushed a week. See you in two. Bring champagne.

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