The wind-powered, Exige-based electric sports car is coming along. Dale Vince, the man with the plan, has just posted the sixth in what was supposed to be a series of six videos (there will be more, though) that describes the updates to the car and other news from the Norfolk, UK idea lab. Vince doesn't like the original Exige front end so that is being changed. As for the naming issue, it looks like Ecotricity Mojo is the current top contender, but Vince isn't ready to commit quite yet.

What he and the other guys are willing to say (as they have before) is that electricity beats hydrogen cars, no way around it. They call the recent Top Gear program on hydrogen cars "a little misleading," and Vince adds:

"Just because it's on Top Gear, some people might think that makes it real. But that doesn't make it real. Hydrogen suffers from so many drawbacks that it just can't be made to work. It's in a race it can't win. The fundamental problem is one of efficiency, so for any unit of energy that you put in [...] you can do three times as many miles in the electric system than you can using the hydrogen system."
I guess if you're done baiting Tesla, you have to say something to get attention, right?

[Source: Zero Carbonista]

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