Somebody start the countdown clock! We've been hearing promises from Nissan for some time now that they would be selling an all-electric car in America. They've trotted out several interesting concepts over the past few years but they still haven't shown a design that they are committed to building. While we wait for that announcement (maybe Geneva?), the director of product planning and strategy for Nissan America, Mark Perry has said that the company will debut a "pure electric car" with a 100-mile range in 17 months. It will seat 5 and be able to "fast-charge" in 26 minutes at charging stations being planned for spots along major highways as well as malls and other public places.

Tennessee, home to Nissan's American headquarters as well as a factory, is slated to be one of the launch locations and the company is already talk with the TVA and other utilities about a future smart grid and other issues. Perry said they would like to build the car and batteries at Smyrna, though they would have to import batteries from Japan at first. No top speed figures were given but he did say it would be fast enough to get you a ticket.

[Source: Chattanoogan]

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