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Whether the cheap Tata Nano is the driving force behind a massive upswing in the number of cars actively used in the world or not, the day is coming when there will be two billion cars on the roads. So says author and California Air Resources Board member Daniel Sperling. Sperling was on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart last week to discuss his new book and to give his predictions about which technologies would power these two billion cars. He said that "eventually" the "vast majority" of the two billion cars will be alternative-energy (pure electric, plug-in hybrids, biofueled, and hydrogen fuel cell) vehicles. Yes, that was as specific as he wanted to get on Comedy Central.

Sperling also claimed that we'd need "tens of billions" of dollars in government aid to make the large-scale shift to plug-ins and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. Stewart, for his part, said that the automakers represent the past, and he wondered why we don't just let them fiddle with the deck chairs while others get fuel cell and electric vehicles on the road. Watch the full interview after the jump.

Bonus history lesson: Sperling has a slightly troubled past.

[Source: The Daily Show]

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