Admittedly, there isn't much saving of the earth that's going to be done with a 630-horsepower twin-turbo 12-cylinder behemoth of a powerplant, but you've still got to give credit to Bentley for massaging another 30 horses from its already massively powerful W12 engine. We've taken a long look at ethanol as a fuel for performance in the past, and this new Bentley is sure to bring the issue back to the fore when it's released at the Geneva Motor Show next month.

Because ethanol burns at lower temperatures than gasoline, powertrain engineers are able to turn the wick up on boost pressure without undue fear of detonation, which, in turn, allows the engine to produce more horsepower. The flip side of this debate, especially for cars like this Extreme Bentley, is that an already thirsty engine is going to guzzle even more fuel when it's being fed E85.

Besides the ridiculously powerful powerplant, Bentley is also said to be reducing the weight of its next supercar, likely through the use of carbon fiber and aluminum in place of steel. In a rather unexpected move, reports also indicate that the British engineers have removed the rear seat for even more weight reduction.

[Source: 4WheelsNews]

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