Daimler posts $1.95 billion fourth-quarter loss

Daimler is the latest in a long line of automakers to post a heavy decline for Q4 earnings in 2008. The German automaker was in the red to the tune of $1.95 billion, which is isn't a surprise considering October through December was among the worst periods for car sales in modern times. The loss was also a big swing from the $2.14 billion in profit Daimler posted in Q4 2007. Sales shrunk by 17% for the quarter as well, with net cash flow down by 12% to $26.9 billion. A big portion of Daimler's loss came courtesy of Chrysler, as the German automaker's 19.9% stake resulted in $1.4 billion in losses. Daimler is looking to unload it's share of Chrysler, but at this point will likely have to pay a massive premium to take the Auburn Hills, MI-based automaker off its books.

Daimler still managed a $1.77 billion profit in 2008, though that's down from $3.77 billion just one year earlier. Don't expect Daimler to make any predictions for 2009, either. The automaker is expecting continued struggles ahead for Mercedes-Benz, as the economic downturn is pinching wealthier buyers just as much as the rest of us.

[Source: Detroit News | Photo by TORSTEN SILZ/AFP/Getty]

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