We were skeptical of the technology claims, but didn't take the time to double-check another of the "facts" stated in a recent (and now ended) eBay auction for a Chrysler LeBaron convertible. It turns out that while BrocktonEnergyLLC used "Experimental X-prize" in the name of the auction, the folks over at the Progressive Automotive X Prize never heard of him. The X Prize's Bethann Buddenbaum writes:
This group was not involved in the competition in any way, and it seemed from their description that they tried to make the entry goals but couldn't, so they were selling the vehicle and giving up the idea. Admittedly, their ad was misleading, but who would have thought that it would get picked up by so many bloggers including Wired?
Buddenbaum made the same point in a comment on our original post. It's almost like you can't be skeptical enough these days. We'll try to turn our BS radar up even higher.

[Source: Auto X Prize]

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