REPORT: Mazda has Michael Phelps apologize to China's children on video

Michael Phelps is a 12-gold-metal-winning superstar who has struck gold by inserting himself in all manners of advertising. Phelps is also a big deal in China, where he won eight gold medals at the 2008 Olympics.
The swimming superstar even has a $1 million deal with Mazda for the China market, an arrangement that hit a rough spot recently when Phelps was caught on camera smoking marijuana from a bong. The Phelps advertising machine is now in damage-control mode, with the Chinese culture less tolerant for such law breaking than we are in the U.S. Phelps knows this, and has put together a video apology at the behest of Mazda to show his humility in front of the Chinese people. Hit the jump to view the embedded video. Is it just us, or does Phelps look like he's having trouble keeping his eyes open? He must be saving his energy for his next victory in the pool.

[Source: NY Times]

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