Four cylinder engines have pretty much taken on the role of the best compromise between fuel efficiency and power, and recent advances in technology have allowed automakers to extract more and more power from smaller packages. Recognizing this fact, Ford has said that it will equip each of its cars and crossovers with at least one four cylinder engine option moving forward. Expect many of these units to boast EcoBoost technology, which pairs forced induction with direct injection to offer lots of power while using as little fuel as possible.
Buyers accustomed to V8 engines of 5 liters or more in fullsize pickup trucks may be surprised to hear that much smaller displacement four cylinder engines could even make an appearance in the F-150. Fear not, heavy haulers and power junkies. We're sure Ford will continue to offer V8 engines in its trucks and Mustangs, but it's nice to hear that more efficient options may soon be available for those without such heavy duty requirements.

[Source: Automotive News - sub. req'd]

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