Ford has made a public commitment to industry-leading fuel economy, and the most important component of that plan comes in a small but efficient package. Product Development chief Derek Kuzak told Automotive News that the Blue Oval will sport a four-cylinder option in every car and crossover by 2013. Ford is going to lean heavily on its forthcoming Ecoboost engines to accomplish this feat, as turbocharged four-cylinder engines can provide V6 punch without the same thirst for fuel. With far stricter CO2 and fuel economy mandates on the way, Ford is going to need all the Ecoboost engines it can make.
Ford foresees the need for 750,000 Ecoboost engines per year by 2013, and two thirds of that total will be four-bangers. V8 engines will be relegated to large pickups, SUVs and the Ford Mustang, but Kuzak says the company is even looking at turbocharged four-cylinder engines for the full-size F-150 pickup. If Ford can produce enough power from an Ecoboost engine to power an F-150, we'd love to drive a Mustang with that engine. Light weight and 300+ turbocharged horsepower coming from America's original pony car sounds good to us.

[Source: Automotive News, sub. req'd]

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