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Need a quick update on Better Place? World Focus has a five-minute video that features interviews with founder Shai Agassi, video of the cars testing in Israel and skeptics like Forbes' Bruce Upbin, weighing in on the electric car startup. The clip says that Better Place promises they could have their EV chargin network in place across the U.S. by 2012, given enough government and automaker support. In its home country, Israel, Better Place plans to have several hundred thousands charging stations installed in two years. As we've heard, Better Place is in discussions with more than 25 countries, plus many major automakers and local partners, to expand their program. It sounds like they're going to need the help, as this notable quote from Agassi makes clear: "We're not against Detroit. We're for Detroit. Without the Detroit Three going out and producing millions of cars, electric cars, that fit this model, we don't get the U.S. off of oil." Thanks to Rain for the tip!

[Source: World Focus via HuffPo]

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