"Stealing Diesel" photo by wili_hybrid. Licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0.

Who needs high gas prices to participate in pernicious deeds? While the rash of fuel thefts has died down from its crazy heyday last summer, fuel is still a valuable commodity and some folks in Florida thought they'd help themselves to 606 gallons of diesel. Late last month, a Fort Myers gas station was plundered by someone on a motorcycle and people driving two semi trucks. According to an MSNBC report, surveillance video shows the crew pulling up to the pump, taking the fuel, then driving away. As Brian Chee of Tank of Diesel writes in a letter that starts "Dear Diesel Thief," the fuel stolen in Florida was worth just $1,357 (using national diesel fuel price averages) compared to the $2,514 it would've been worth eight months ago. Wonder if the authorities will take this into consideration?

[Source: Tank of Diesel, MSNBC]

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