Better Place may be getting a helpful boost as the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) are considering installing the company's infrastructure to charge future electric jeeps and troop carriers, as well as civilian cars. Better Place has close ties with the Jewish state and the CEO of its Israeli chapter, Major General Moshe Kaplinsky, used to be the Deputy Chief of Staff of the IDF. The electric infrastructure company could certainly use the support of the country's military if it is to attain founder Shai Agassi's ambitious goal of 100,000 electric cars in two years 10 months in the territory. At last count they were only up to 10. They also have at least 17 charging spots installed of an eventual 500,000, leaving lots of room for growth. The State has previously announced support of electric transportation and were considering greatly reducing or eliminating taxes on them.

Although Better Place and its partner, Renault, do face possible competition from BYD, the entry of the Chinese carmaker may be delayed as a restraining order was being sought by Eastern Automobile Marketing Co (EAM) against Clal Industries of the IBD Group. They claim they had previously signed an agreement with BYD for distribution rights.

[Source: Solve Climate / Haaretz]

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