2009 models lead NHTSA's latest recalls, including Mazda6, Town & Country, Ranger

Mazda will call back some 29,000 examples of its slippery new Mazda6 sedan for a potential door handle fault that could cause them to open without warning. According to Automotive News, the outside handle can cause the door to open as a result of an "inconsistent dimension combination" between the bracket and the handle (read: they don't line up properly). The fix will involve replacing any/all door handles and/or brackets if they are found to be defective.

In other recall news:
  • Chrysler will recall 13,000 Town & Country and Dodge Grand Caravan minivans over the possibility that unused connectors for the blind-spot detection system can corrode, leading to a possible vehicle fire. Affected vehicles will have the unused connector sealed and a fuse replaced.
  • Ford will recall some 11,000 units of their 2009 two-wheel drive Ranger pickups due to potentially faulty front wheel spindles. The spindles will be replaced at no cost to the owners.
  • General Motors will recall 8,000 G6 cars from the 2005-2006 model years over a corroded connector that could cause issues with the brake lamps, cruise control, and gearshift. The fix? A bit of good old-fashioned lubricant to prevent rust.
  • Ferrari will call back around 2,000 F430 Spyders to install a set of heat shields to protect some hydraulic hoses. As the story goes, the convertible top's hydraulic system may leak fluid, leading to smoking and burning.
In all cases, affected owners can expect to receive a letter warning them of the issue, urging them to schedule a no-charge service appointment with their local dealer.

[Source: Automotive News - subs. req.]

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