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Prius owners, take note. We've got good news and bad news to share today regarding the maintenance repair costs and upkeep of your prized hybrid hatchback. First the good: Data from Insurance claim company Audatex indicates that the world's favorite hybrid is proving to be a highly reliable machine. Great, so what's the bad news? When it does come time to get repair work done on the Prius, owners can expect a bill that is, on average, about 8.4 percent higher than one for a non-hybrid vehicle.

The reason for the surcharge isn't so much that the hybrid componentry of the Prius is expensive; it's due more to the fact that there aren't very many spare parts to be had at modest prices, meaning that replacements must be ordered directly from Toyota. Fortunately, the trend is headed downward as more Prius hybrids end up in scrapyards.

Other hybrid models are also proving to be a bit more pricey to repair than their non-hybrid selves. For instance, repair bills for hybrid versions of the Honda Civic and Toyota Camry are 3.8 percent more expensive, on average, than standard Civics or Camrys. The small difference here can be attributed to the few bits of the hybrids that are not shared with their siblings, so this percentage may be more representative of what to expect in the coming years as hybrids continue gaining market share.

[Source: All About Prius]

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