Ontario police officer charged with street racing in unmarked police car

It has been said that when you are the law, it is that much easier to overstep it. An Ontario Provincial Police officer was apparently overcome by the temptation to flout regulations. Driving an unmarked cruiser, Detective Constable Heidi Fischer went clipping along at 100 miles-per-hour on Highway 403, which was posted as a 60 mph zone. Whoops.
Proving that the law is not merely a suggestion for those who enforce it, anti street racing laws have made the comeuppance all the more unpleasant for the officer. Fischer was cited, the car impounded, and her license was suspended for a week. Take THAT ! Fischer has a court date scheduled for March 24 to answer for her actions. Thanks for the tip, Adam R.

[Source: TheStar.com Photo: ew.com]

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