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Color us unsurprised at the revelation that the long awaited tie up between Chrysler and Nissan has hit a rocky patch. Recall that the two automakers struck a deal last April that would have Dodge supply the next generation of the Nissan Titan fullsize pickup truck (built atop its Ram platform) in exchange for a duo of small cars to be built by Nissan and sold as Dodges. After the last few years of failed attempts to get some other automaker (first by way of Chinese automaker Chery, then Nissan) to build a small car for sale here in America, we've grown immune to the disappointment of not getting the Dodge Hornet concept produced in a timely fashion.

According to reports, sales of the Dodge Trazo, which is literally nothing more than a Nissan Versa wearing new badges, will go on as planned in South America. The other small car and the Dodge-built pickup have reportedly been put on hold as the companies work to fix their own financial problems. Our last hope may be that Chrysler is able to drum up enough money to make the planned strategic alliance with Fiat work out as hoped before its too late.

[Source: CNN]

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