Neil Young is not the only one who can write some green car songs. Our friends Bo and Ryan over at EVCast have taken it upon themselves to put together a collection of parody songs explaining the plight and hope of the EV community these days. Special guest stars include Gavin Shoebridge (kiwiEV), known for his electric vehicle conversions, and a great Kermit impression. Pay attention and you'll relive the Tesla price increase fallout, dream about hypermining, and hear Elon Musk turned into a vilian (of sorts). No one - not even Bo and Ryan - are promising in tune performances, but at the very least this is a little uplifting bit of audio in the middle of a lot of bad news. Thanks to Michal B. of the Czech EV Club for the tip!

You can listen to EVCast: The Musical here. Enjoy!

[Source: EVCast]

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