St. Valentine's day is tomorrow and, if you are planning to do something special, think about applying your green driving techniques to the quest for love. Before you reach for things to throw at my head, let me make clear that these, um, tips come from the British Environmental Transport Association (ETA). The ETA's advice to both motorists and those in search of love can be summarized in three points:
  1. Keep it smooth. Jackrabbit driving increases fuel consumption - as well as wear and tear - and if you want maximize a nice Valentine's day dinner, keep it slow.
  2. Anticipate. Avoid traffic bottlenecks by anticipating the other people's movements. For Valentine's day, consider booking your restaurant date in advance.
  3. Shed weight. Removing unnecessary clutter from your car will allow you to burn less fuel. We'll just pass on the romance side of this without comment.
Now, this list is awful short. What else works for romance and driving cleaner?

[Source: ETA]

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