One upcoming vehicle that we're truly looking forward to is the midsize pickup truck from Mahindra, which holds out the promise of 30 mile per gallon fuel efficiency and the ability to haul 1.3 tons in its 7.5-foot truck bed. Those looking to add one of these small trucks to their arsenal of vehicles will be glad to hear that the automaker may be able to move up the delivery date of the first units by a few weeks. Up until now, Global Vehicles, the company that is working to bring the trucks to the U.S. market, has been planning on having the trucks assembled in Ohio from knock-down kits. The plan has recently changed and the first trucks will come directly from India.

One unfortunate byproduct of this decision is that Mahindra's trucks will now be subject to the so-called Chicken Tax, which was introduced back in the '60s as retaliation for a European tariff on imported chicken from America. Pricing isn't expected to be affected, meaning that the Mahindra pickup should still cost 10-15 percent less than comparably-sized trucks from Japan. Sales are expected to start in the fourth quarter of this year.


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