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Car football soccer is one of these silly things some people love to do with their wheels, and it's most assuredly quite a show. Add in the excitement of watching a match between two of the best national teams in Europe, England and Germany, and you might get this: a soccer game being "played" by people in smart fortwos painted in the country colors of England's St. George's cross and Germany's Bundesflagge. England's team was led by Top Gear's Richard Hammond and Germany's five-car team by James May. The result? Well, England won 4-3 at Earl's Court. Top Gear Live executive producer Rowland French said, "We've got through our first few games and they [the fortwos] have proven to be incredibly tough." Find match summary and making of videos, as well as press release after the jump. Hat-tip to Zoe!


See Top Gear's Richard Hammond lead England to victory in a fun and exciting match of smart Car Football

Echoing the same rivalry on the pitch as we expect from them on-screen, Top Gear's Richard Hammond took to the playing field against fellow presenter James May, to lead England against sporting rivals Germany in a thrilling game of Car Football.

With the smart cars kitted out in each country's colours - England's St. George's cross and Germany's Bundesflagge - the two teams of five went head to head at The Top Gear Live Show, at Earls Court for an action packed match that would have made Fabio Capello proud.

Proving the smart fortwo has just what it takes to be a top international player - speedy, light on its wheels and with the ability to manoeuvre its way out of the trickiest of spots - the two teams battled it out before Hammond snatched victory for England with a last minute goal that took them to a 4 - 3 win over the arch rivals.

Amazingly, with only a few cosmetic touch-ups required, all ten cars were driven away relatively unscathed demonstrating just how tough the smart car is on impact.


Commenting on the strength of the smart fortwo, Top Gear Live Executive Producer, Rowland French comments, "We've got through our first few games and they have proven to be incredibly tough."

Dermot Kelly, Managing Director, Mercedes-Benz Cars, comments: "The smart is perfect for Top Gear Live's Car Football. It is resilient and easy to handle without compromising on safety. The smart fortwo benefits from all the same safety technology and expertise as its parent brand Mercedes-Benz, which means drivers can feel confidently protected.'


  • Safety - with the ability to withstand a wrecking ball on full front impact, the smart fortwo is incredibly resilient. It is made up of a Tridon Safety Cell which acts like a nutshell and is formed from triple-layered steel honeycomb, ensuring maximum occupant protection - check out this wrecking ball video
  • Eco-friendly - The smart fortwo cdi omits the lowest CO2 emissions of any car currently on the road, at just 88g/km
  • Urban - The smart fortwo mhd uses stop-start technology which switches off the engine when the car is not in motion, meaning fuel consumption is cut by an average of 9% and making it ideal for urban driving
  • Innovative - The smart ed is undergoing market trials across the UK before being introduced in 2010. It has no emissions and can be fully charged in 8 hours using a 3 pin socket
  • Economical -The smart fortwo can travel from London to Edinburgh on just one tank of petrol - check out the London to Edinburgh video here
  • Size - The smart fortwo can comfortably hold a standard size washing machine in the boot space, and even 13 people - albeit contortionists - check out the video here

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