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Despite economic conditions, the upcoming Geneva Motor Show promises to be a rip-roaring cacophony of high-end machinery, with independent German sportscar firm Gumpert taking its shot at the slowing economy with an even faster version of its Apollo supercar. Called the Apollo Speed, the revised supercar features a reduced ride height and revised aerodynamics to deliver blistering performance numbers.

The Gumpert Apollo Speed is capable of hitting 100 kilometers-per-hour (62 miles-per-hour) in three seconds flat and 200 km/h (124 mph) in just 8.9, en route to a claimed 360 km/h (224 miles-per-hour) top speed. And that's in 700 horsepower trim – the twin-turbo V8 is also available in 650 and 800 horsepower specifications, promising devastating performance at any level.

A new induction system delivers fresh air to the engine, while revised wheel arches, rear end and an adjustable spoiler direct the air over the slick body with increased efficiency. Inside, the cabin can be outfitted in leather or Alcantara trim, with a competition-style removable steering wheel and four-point harness securing the driver. So far, Gumpert has only released the teaser rendering you see above, but the new Apollo Speed, in a Bugatti Veyron-style two-tone paint scheme, will be unveiled in Geneva on March 4, so stay tuned. Full details are available in the meantime in the press release after the jump.

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12 February 2009

Pushing for Higher Speeds
World premiere at Geneva Motor Show from 5 to 15 March 2009

GUMPERT Sportwagenmanufaktur GmbH will be presenting an even faster apollo speed.

GUMPERT Sportwagenmanufaktur GmbH will be presenting the apollo speed at the 79th Geneva Motor Show.

The racer – made in Germany – has earned his name, and rightly so. For any speed limit is pointless!

Whereas optimum performance for racetracks, lateral acceleration and grip in all situations are the focus of apollo, apollo sport and apollo race, the apollo speed is aimed at an exclusive high speed clientel. Its domain is the mastery of highest speeds. Thanks to polished aerodynamics the drive side values of the speed are far above those of the competition.

Form follows Function
The appearance of apollo speed is now even more classy and aggressive. His striking two tone paint emphasises the racer's compact appearance, at 1,105mm being lower that his brothers at 1,114mm.

A good look from the front reveals the changed design around the wheel arches. A low restrict induction system rounds off the snappy appearance and provides fresh air to the engine. Further modifications have been made to the rear end of this super sports car: The redesigned tail lights concisely show where the apollo is headed to, before it vanishes from the sight of its pursuer. The two-seater also has a small adjustable spoiler to lend it the required drive side for its intoxicating speed.

With a fully enclosed CAS underbody (carbon / aluminium sandwich) and wheel caps (fixed at the front and rotating at the back) the speed takes Formula 1 to the road and is just asking for a challenge to a sprint.

The powerful 8 cylinder Biturbo of apollo speed provides an optional 650 / 700 / 800 HP and a torque of 850 / 875 / 900 Nm. His performance is top class: The car can go from standing still to 100 km/h in 3.0 seconds. A speed of 200 km/h is reached in just 8.9 seconds. His maximum speed is over 360 km/h. (Depending on equipment, country-related specifications, gear ratio and engine power)

The racer impresses by its sportive, elegantly equipped interior. It is available with either leather or Alcantara, and provides a whole panoply of details, such as air conditioning and a DVD moniceiver. The removable steering wheel makes it easy to get in. Embedded in the monocoque and held in by 4 point seat belts, the driver becomes one with the apollo apollo. An intense bond!

Get to know the new, extroverted super sports car by GUMPERT.

We look forward to welcoming you to our press conference at our booth 2045 at 11am on 4 March 2009.

GUMPERT Sportwagenmanufaktur GmbH will be showcasing its super sports cars at the Geneva Motor Show for the fourth time.

At a glance
GUMPERT apollo speed (700 HP)
Transmission: sequential six-speed gearbox with synchronisation and oil cooling, twin plate clutch configuration (diameter 2 x 200 mm), rear-wheel drive, differential lock by Torsen
Chassis: long and pushrod-operated double transverse control arm suspension with fully adjustable dampers front and rear and anti roll bar in front
Brakes: two circuit BOSCH-ABS brake system with six piston callipers, inside ventilated discs (378 x 32 mm) all around
Wheels & Tires: Aluminium cast wheels with centre look front: 255/35 ZR19 rear: 345/35 ZR19
Dry weight: 1.200 kg (For cars with standard equipment without filling. Special equipment may increase this value.)
Allowed total weight: 1,500 kg
Length: 4,460 mm
Width: 1,998 mm
Height: 1,105 mm
Wheel base: 2,700 mm
Wheel gauge: front: 1,670 mm, rear: 1,598 mm
Tank capacity: 120 litre
Engine: V8-cylinder-Biturbomotor with 90o cylinder angle, light metal cylinder heads with 5 valves per cylinder, four overhead camshafts, hydraulic valve clearance compensation, double-flow exhaust system with three-way catalytic converter, dry sump lubrication
Cubic capacity: 4,163 cm3
Engine performance: 515 kW (700 HP) at 6.500 rev/min
Maximum torque: 875 Nm at 4.000 rev/min
Litre performance: 123,7 kW/Litre (168 HP/Litre)
Maximum rev.: 7,200 rev/min
Top speed: > 360 km/h / 224 mph (Depeding on equipment, county related specification, gear ratio and engine power)
Acceleration figures: 0-100 km/h in 3,0 s
0-200 km/h in 8,9 s

Further information regarding price will follow.

Background information

Exclusivity is expressed by uniqueness

GUMPERT Sportwagenmanufaktur GmbH is a manufacturer of exclusive super sports cars based in Altenburg / Thuringia, Germany. The founder and managing director is Roland Gumpert, former manager of the Audi Sports department, his guidance leading to 25 victories in World Championship races and 4 Rallye World Championship titles gained for the Quattros from Ingolstadt.

The apollo is a thoroughbred high-power sports car that has racing performance and MOT approval. He provides an outstanding performance that defies the imagination: 650 HP, a maximum speed of up to 360 km/h and an acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in only 3 seconds. Each of these vehicles is unique, customised to the needs and wants of the owner and crafted by hand. The apollo guarantees maximum fun when driving, combined with maximum safety. Two additional models, the apollo sport and apollo race race, were included in spring 2007.

Prices for the GUMPERT apollo with a 4.2 l Biturbo engine start at EUR 301,600 net.

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