Click above for a gallery of the propane-powered Saturn Vue Hybrid

Tucked away in a corner of the Chicago Auto Show was a booth from Shell Gasoline, and included amongst the tuner vehicles was a Saturn Vue Hybrid that was converted to run on propane. Other modifications to the vehicle include a free-flow exhaust system and air filter, a belly pan for improved aerodynamics and roof-mounted solar panels. We're not real sure what the solar panels are for, but our best guess is that they would allow the Vue's electrical systems to operate without draining the battery.

The best modification, by far, has got to be the cooking grill that's attached to the rear of the vehicle. We imagine, though it's not spelled out anywhere, that the grill runs off the same propane as the vehicle's engine, making this quite possibly the perfect tailgaiting vehicle. How cool is that?

Inside, the interior has been upgraded with seats that are upholstered with leather and Raphia fiber, GPS navigation and a full custom audio system. The entire vehicle has been lowered by 35 millimeters via new springs and then raised back up with 20-inch rims. See our full live gallery below.

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