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According to the most recent set of statistics, small-bore motorcycles and scooters are still selling at a good clip. In comparison with the automotive segment, which has seen its sales fall by around 30 percent globally, the overall motorcycle market is down by just over 7 percent. Scooters have led the charge with an amazing 41.5 percent sales increase as compared to 2007. The only other segment that posted gains were dual sport motorcycles that are capable of traveling both on and off the road. Pure off-road machinery took a bit hit, falling by 30 percent as discretionary spending took a nosedive.

Interestingly, many dealers report that they could have sold even more scooters if they had been available. According to the 2008 MIC Owner Survey, purchasers say that commuting and errand running have displaced touring as the second most commonly cited reason to ride a motorcycle.


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