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Although MINI only offers its gasoline-powered models in North American, the diesel-equipped MINI Cooper D is a popular alternative overseas. Tight federal emissions regulations and the high price of diesel have kept MINI from bringing the D over from Europe, but corporate executives have confirmed that they are considering selling a future, cleaner-burning diesel model in the States.

While diesels haven't been a big hit in the North American market until recently, the price difference between diesel and the premium gasoline required for a standard MINI Cooper makes it more feasible. Bosch is currently testing a modified Cooper D in the U.S. and it can supposedly get up to 60 mpg. If MINI can get the emissions in check and prove that demand is high enough, we could see a diesel MINI – in hatch, cabrio, Clubman and potential crossover body-styles – within a couple of years.

[Source: USA Today via Kicking Tires]

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