Wolfgang Bernhard is coming back to Daimler. The man who helped facilitate the sale of Chrysler to Cerebus, was instrumental in the Chrysler ME Four-Twelve supercar concept, and, most notably, the guy that drove the V10-powered Tomahawk motorcycle onto the stage at the 2003 Detroit Auto Show, will take over the van division of Mercedes-Benz on April 1st.

Bernard's return to Daimler comes as a bit of shock, considering he was the assumed successor to Dieter Zetsche as the head of M-B before he left under duress after a ten-year stint with the automaker. Soon afterward, he took the top position at Volkswagen and was later ousted after some boardroom shenanigans involving Ferdinand Piech.

Recently, Bernard was reportedly working as an advisor to Magna International, but in these tumultuous times, we're sure Wolfgang was looking for a more steady position.

[Source: Reuters]

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