Might your next (first?) electric vehicle purchase be transacted at Wal-Mart? It's not out of realm of possibility. Mexican company, GS Motors, is already selling 3 different models from China's First Auto Works (FAW) at a so-called "big box" retail chain in Mexico and has plans to replicate the strategy north of their border. Company CEO Kathleen Ligocki says, "I think the product will be ready for the U.S. market within five years." Starting next year, the Chinese designs are expected to be assembled at a factory in Michoacan, Mexico that will be capable of building 100,000 units per annum. FAW, if you're keeping score, is the company the makes the NEV sold as the ZX40 by Miles Automotive. Now, we're not suggesting that Miles is currently involved in any talks with GS Motors, only that the connection is there.

FAW is not the only Chinese automaker looking for an American foothold either. Well known to our readers, BYD is another company with somewhat desirable electric cars and a commitment to compete in the U.S. Their retail sales strategy has yet to be revealed, but we can only imagine they would explore different options. As for the American big box stores, would they consider selling electric cars? Wal Mart said it would and Sam's already has.

[Source: Gasgoo / Automotive News sub req'd]

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