What if the Dodge Viper were around in 1967?

Click above for a high-resolution gallery of Rafael Reston's 1967 Viper

It's always a fun exercise to think about what might have been. Who doesn't daydream about how your favorite brand may have looked if only for one simple change. Designer Rafael Reston has turned his imagination toward Chrysler of the 1960s, pondering what a Viper may have looked like in 1967. Far be it from us to criticize the effort, but we're hard pressed to see Chrysler cues in the handsome renderings. Reston did take pains to research the vehicles and construction methods of the day, and he did do renderings of a stripped down framework of the vehicle, which shows a preponderance of Corvette influence. The chassis also looks like it would have been prohibitively expensive to produce, and let's not talk about the S-curves coming off the exhaust manifolds, which are chrome -- none of which would see the light of day in a production car.

The car certainly looks good, reminding us of an Iso Grifo or a C2 Corvette, but it's not what would likely have rolled out of Elwood Engel's styling department. We see a lot of C2 in Reston's renderings, in the interior, too, but that just means that it looks darn good, if disconnected from reality. We'd be down with a car that looked like this, no matter the era. Thanks for the tip, Julio!

[Source: SeriousWheels]

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