Call us crazy, but we love coming across odd limo conversions. The whole Lincoln Town Car/Cadillac DTS/Hummer H2 meme has been done to death, so we can't help but smile whenever someone has a bold new approach -- or in the case of this oddly reshnozzed Volkswagen Rabbit -- a bold old approach.

At some point back in the Eighties, an enterprising chap (or group of chaps) got busy with a welder and some spare VW and Mercedes-Benz parts, only to emerge from the depths of an unknown garage with this 1981 Rabbit limo. Today, that same German novelty can be yours thanks to the wonders of eBay Motors. As you might expect, it will need a bit of work.

According to the seller, zonk4re, the Cincinnati-based stretch uses a stock gasoline engine(!) and a good amount of recent work has been done to make it roadworthy, including new struts, half shafts, brakes, gas tank, and a "Lambogini (sic) type exhaust." Heck, even the paint is only two years old, and there are a pair of period-correct pop-up sunroofs and a suitably dark tint job.

Still, the few provided shots of the interior indicate that there is much work to be done before it's prom-worthy, including the need to install new carpet, headliner, door cards, and various other interior bits. Either way, with a starting bid of $5,999, we recon you could be the toast of next year's Waterfest or your local car show. Who knows... if you swapped in a TDI drivetrain, converted to straight vegetable oil, and got some hemp seat covers, you could start up your very own hippy-approved limousine service. Lookout, Toyota Prius chauffeurs!

[Source: eBay Motors]

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