Hyundai has grown substantially over the years, and the automaker is pitching in to ensure that the South Korean population follows suit. A low birth rate in Korea has contributed to a shrinking population, prompting the government to find ways to encourage more "child rearing." As part of that effort, Hyundai has teamed up with the local government to offer discounts to car buyers that have a new baby (or have one in the oven).

For parents with more than two children, the discounts are more substantial. Big families can purchase a car that costs 20 million won ($15,000 in US funds) with a 1.1 million won rebate ($800). 800,000 won comes from the government and the other 300,000 won comes directly from Hyundai. To receive the discount, all you have to do is show your "Dadoongi Happy Card," which was created in 2007 for parents with more than two children. Has anyone told Brooke Shields and Volkswagen about this? Thanks for the tip, Canuckygreg.

[Source: The Korean Herald]

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