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What should one do during the cold Norwegian winters? How about take an all-electric car out for a test drive, cruise on up the mountains and then spin out on a frozen drag strip? That's what our friends at Electricaid did with a Th!nk City recently. Over three days, the crew got some beautiful shots of the car in action and then added their dry Norwegian humor, including a discussion of whether or not there is enough room in one of these zero-emission cars to get intimate with another person. Their verdict: yes, but you will be seen. Watch the video after the jump.

One note: when they are comparing EVs to hydrogen-powered vehicles and they say, "Put a sock in it, Hammond," they actually meant Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson. Top Gear's Richard Hammond is a fan of the Th!nk City, Clarkson is a hydrogen man. Thanks to Leif Richard for the tip!

[Source: Electricaid]

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