Click on the image above for high-res gallery of Tim Knowles' Jaguar E-Type art plotter

Art created by a car brings to mind painted tire tracks and Pollock-esque droplets in hues of 10W-30, ATF, and grime. Thinking past such direct markings, artist Tim Knowles has taken a fixed-head Jaguar E-Type and turned it into the fastest moving Etch-A-Sketch in existence. In the cargo area of the sporting coupe is a rig with an elastic mounted pen which slides on rails. Turn the vehicle in one direction, the pen goes the other way – it slides forward when braking and accelerating makes it slide rearward.

A similar system was dropped into a Volvo V70 and driven across the Alps to an art gallery, generating the drawing for exhibition along the way. Traversing mountains is all well and good, but this Jag goes racing! Brands Hatch and Monaco have created two works of art that fascinating in their combination of gestural and linear qualities. The drawings are both abstract and loose, while also being symmetrical and controlled. Hey, it's at least as cool as that stuff done by wildlife. Thanks for the tip, Alex!

[Source: Tim Knowles]

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