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Saleen's future has been in upheaval the last few years. First, company founder Steve Saleen left, then the company's assets were sold off to private investors. Its new owners plan to continue making superchargers and bolt-on parts, but Saleen's turnkey Racecraft and S lines could face the axe, while the company's former keepers retain ownership of its supercar manufacturing business while they figure out what they can do with it.

Meanwhile, Chrysler has been looking to sell of its Viper operation, but while Saleen could have been a contender in years past, in its current condition few expect it to make such a large acquisition. That may be a false assumption, however, as silence is speaking louder than words. Understandably, Chrysler's management is not disclosing the identities of the three potential buyers with which it is discussing the future of the Viper enterprise, but Saleen's new owners are likewise refusing to comment. That kind of silence can be as deafening as a Saleen exhaust note, leaving us to wonder if the company's new owners could turn the broken shards of a once-great American company into a new powerhouse with the Viper packing the punch.

[Source: AutoWeek]

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