"Hello, Abu Dhabi? Yeah, this is Taste. I'm outta here." Well, you can't really blame Taste now can you? There's only so much abuse a sense can take, and the motorists of Abu Dhabi – the same gulf emirate that ordered up the gold-plated Rolls-Royce – have taken things one step too far. Several, actually.

Your eyes do not deceive you, and this is not available for rent to drive your kids to their homecoming. This custom HUMMER H2 convertible was spotted at the Emirates Palace Hotel, a location whose overdeveloped sense of opulence is rivaled only by the horrid monstrosity parked in front.

A topless HUMMER? Okay, the original H1 was available without a roof, but not with a seven-seat, red leather interior, a matching tribal pattern paint job, blistered wheel arches housing chrome wheels and what appears to be a hood scoop packed with a row of driving lights. You know, just in case someone could have missed this tooling around the streets of Abu Dhabi at night.

[Source: gtspirit.com via World Car Fans]

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